The NES Total Wellness Assessment Scan

More than 150 Results

A revealing holistic scan performed by utilizing NES Provision Advanced software that delivers a comprehensive health assessment of more than 150 results about your body and energy field. Complete with detailed graphical representations, reports, help files, & recommendations. I also offer a "Sport Performance" version as well.

Screen Shots

Graphical Screens color coded with the body's health priorities assessing the energetic aspects of major organs, systems, environmental influences, toxins, electromagnetic fields, musculoskeletal system, emotions, nutrient utilization & more!

Your Reports

I will explain the data collected as we review the Screen and provide you with .pdf files of the color coded report, help files, & recommendation chart.

The Scan Process

The scanning process is performed by the client placing their hand and finger tip on the scanner mouse for a few moments. It is safe, effective, and pain free.

Infoceutical Recommendation Chart

The scan advises and guides us to develop the correct therapy to help the body restore its self-healing capacities. The NES infoceuticals are safe & easy to dispense. This therapy can be used with any other therapy or prescriptions you may be doing. It does not interfere in any way, as infoceuticals are energy & information not a physical chemical.

The Living Matrix Movie

Clients often find this advanced natural therapy fascinating. There is a lot of cutting edge science behind it and there are award winning movies like "The Living Matrix" to explain this science in further detail.