The Academy of Health Services

What's offered

 I offer virtual Health counseling, coaching, & educational services; to help oneself explore the physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual aspects of life. I utilize the NES Health Total WellNES system to provide assessment services from 4 locations & remotely. Become a Member and enjoy FREE Webinars, breaking news, seminars, videos, & online courses, and so much more! 

The Mission

 To bring forth information to help oneself explore the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of life; teaching individuals to learn how to apply the latest research & information towards achieving an ultimate state of health.

Free Consultation

Education is what it is all about. Contact me for a 30 minute FREE consultation to discuss your health objectives, goals, concerns, & dietary options. No obligation!

NES Total Wellness Assessment

I am a Certified NES Bioenergetic Practitioner & utilize the Provision software to identify the bioenergetic distortions within the human body field. More than 150 results about your body are provided in detail.

A Sports Body Performance Assessment is also available & can be performed remotely. See MX Sports Nutrition information.

MiHealth Therapy Sessions

MiHealth is an advanced natural, compact, handheld device which releases energy blockages, stimulates trigger points, & brings your body's oscillations back in balance.

Can also be utilized for Sports or Injury recovery.

Choicepoint Program

Choicepoint is a program that helps you discover & align with your purpose in life. Learn the secrets from 18 global leaders in the online videos, exercises, & documents. Reduce stress & improve your life!

MX Sports Nutrition Services

The Mission

Helping develop the fastest riders in our industry!

"Train your body nutritionally, not just physically"

What's offered

 Personal, customized, health, fitness, and sports performance programs for professional athletes, youth sports, amateur, weekend warriors, joy riders, health enthusiasts, and active lifestylers. Learn how supplying your body with its proper, unique nutritional requirements can have a dramatic impact on your endurance and overall performance. We are all bio-chemically unique individuals; discover your personal needs and excel to the highest level. 

MXSN's Service Options

 MXSN provides multiple options for a wide range of individuals. My approach is just as unique as your very own biochemistry. My coaching services are unsurpassed by any other company in the industry. I invite to explore the various options offered. Services are available for individuals to groups or teams, online or in person. For the amateur to professional, the health enthusiast or just someone looking for a performance/wellness coach. 

MXSN's Programs

 Unlike other companies, MXSN does not offer general programs. I understand the unique chemistry of your body and I utilize the NES scanning system to define it and your goals, together develop your personal program. Here are the categories available within our programs:

  • Sport nutrition & performance
  • Weight management
  • Online Motocross Camps
  • On or off premise Team programs
  • ​Corporate Health presentations

Platforms of Service

 MXSN's customized health, fitness, and sports services are available in the following forms:

  • One-on-one
  • Online camps
  • ​Remote session
  • Corporate in house
  • Athletic teams on location
  • Motocross teams on location
  • Training facilities
  • Organizational group meetings
  • Special events

Sports Body Performance Scan

I can take your performance to its highest level using the latest advanced technology to perform an assessment scan that gathers more than 150 results about your body. I then utilize those results to "dial in" your customized program to help you achieve your goals. You will receive a multipage color report, help files, and recommendations chart.

Mother Nature's Foods Inc.


The world and internet is full of information, but which information is being hidden, changed, or has a hidden agenda? My mission is to supply you with unbiased, hidden, forbidden, & grounding breaking news, so you can decide for yourself which is true or best for you.

What's Offered?

FREE webinars, seminars, articles, videos, recipes, health tricks, dietary options, proven natural remedies, executive Chef services, hard to find quality foods, natural supplements, books, and more!

Food Service Consulting

As a food scientist, naturopath, & sports nutritionist with executive chef experience, I use my broad knowledge to help food establishments create exciting, healthy, alternative, non-gmo, & gluten free offerings.

Online Store

Looking for the best in supplements? I am always keeping my thumb on the pulse of the natural health world, click below to go to my dispensary.