MX Sports Nutrition Programs


Total Body Performance Assessment Scan

 I can take your performance to its highest level using the latest advanced technology to perform an assessment scan that gathers more than 150 results about your body. I then utilize those results to "dial in" your customized program to help you achieve your goals. You will receive a multipage color report, help files, and recommendations chart. This can be done on premise or remotely with the addition of an internet connection. Contact me for details on remote sessions. Assessment cost $150

Entry Level Motocross Program

Are you a recreational rider, amateur with no training facility experience, or vet rider, then this would normally be your starting program. All performance fundamentals are covered: food/diet choices, mental prep, basic supplements, plus the truth about raising your performance. Entry Program cost $45.

Advanced Level Motocross/Supercross Program

If you are a rider or racer already experienced in training programs and either wish to enhance your current program or get better results, this is your program! You learn the latest tricks, tips, & advanced technologies that can take your performance to the next level. This program covers advanced nutrition, therapies for recovery, injury repair, advanced food/diet choices and more! Advanced Program cost $75.

Online Nutritional Camps

I understand busy schedules! Learn how to enhance your physical performance with on-demand webinar Boot Camps. Amateurs, recreational athletes, or professional athletes, everyone can benefit from this on demand platform. See WEBINARS for details. A FREE introductory webinar is available!

Performance Food Plans

A great addition to any current program you are using or to enhance another offering of MX Sports Nutrition. Learn what to eat when, as this is very important to recovery & performance. General food plans to customized, you choose! Starting at $45

Complete Coaching Program

Clients often need continued support for periods of time, like during their race season or training for their event. The Complete Coaching Program incorporates ALL the services into one customized program; covering: diet, food, supplements, advanced therapies, recovery, & all body performance aspects. 24/7 access to my services for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, year, or your racing season. Monthly fees as low as $49 per month.