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What's your God given talent?

What if you could offer your talent in exchange for something you need?

Food - Clothing - Home repairs - Furniture - Healthcare - Housing - Transportation - Firewood

Advertising - Landscaping services - Car repairs - and so much more! The possibilities are endless!

Would you be willing to contribute 3 hours a week to a community project?

What if by contributing 3 hours per week to a project you would get FREE goods, services, and a share of the profits?

Abundance - Freedom - Health - Happiness are by-products of unification within a community.

Can you imagine your work week eventually just being 3 hours per week, with a potential to have more than you have now? Possibily making more than you're earning now?


The opportunity to change your life for the better is now!

Simply sign up below for FREE to be a member of One Small Project and list your talent. You will be contacted as soon as a project launches that matches your talent. You choose to participate or not, no obligation.

We need every talent to be included but here are some examples:

Farmers, gardeners, bakers, painters, handymen, mechanics, beekeepers, soap makers, canners, landscapers, carpenters, artists, etc.

If you are a business or inventor see bottom section of this page.

We need the following ASAP for projects in Bolton Valley, VT

Beekeeper * Baker * Chocolatier * Farming

If you have the experience contact us!

Other individuals with talents they wish to express please contact us

One Small Project

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Business, Inventor, Investor for One Small Project

Are you an individual with extra land you're not using?

Would you like to have additional income from it without financial layout?

Are you a farmer that has potential to earn more from your farm but you are short handed or can't afford additional labor costs?

Do you own a building not generating income? Your building need repairs you cannot afford?

Entering your farm, building, or business into the community project does NOT mean you are giving up ownership.

Unity within a community creates abundance for all that participate. Lets make our communities strong and your life abundant!



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Thank you for your interest!

Our mission is to better our community and provide opportunity for everyone, equally.

Debra Meszaros

Tyrone, PA 16686, US

(540) 418-0008

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One Small Project is a concept built from the One Small Town plan of action